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Ixcanul (2015)

1h 40min   |   Guatemala  |  Drama


Jayro Bustamante


María Mercedes CoroyMaría TelónManuel Antún


María, a 17-year-old Cakchiquel Maya girl, lives with her parents in a coffee farm, on the slopes of an active volcano in Guatemala. A concerted marriage awaits you, a project that you do not want to accept, but from which you cannot flee. Maria will try to change her destiny despite her status as an indigenous woman. But a complication with her pregnancy will force her out in search of a hospital: the modern world she dreamed of so much will save her life, but at a price that is too high.


2015: Berlin Festival: Alfred Bauer Award

2015: San Sebastian Festival: Official Competitive Section ("Horizontes Latinos")

2015: Phoenix Awards: Best Costume. 5 nominations

2016: Platino Awards: Best Premium Opera

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