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Testigo Intimo (2015)

1h 36min   |   Argentina   |  Thriller


Santiago Fernández Calvete


Felipe ColomboGuadalupe DocampoGraciela Alfano


Facundo is married to Ángeles; They have two daughters and a comfortable, almost perfect life. However, Angeles is sure that her husband is cheating on her, although she has no way to prove it. He is a lawyer and works for the study of his mother-in-law, a powerful, seductive and manipulative woman. Since then he behaves in an increasingly strange way. The truth is that Facundo deceives her with Violeta, the girlfriend of her best friend of a lifetime, Rafael, a professional boxer who has learned about treason. One night, upon returning home after meeting Violeta, Facundo receives a call from Rafael, warning him that she did not return home. When the dead woman appears with a blow to the head, Rafael fears that all suspicions fall on him, and asks Facundo for help as a lawyer to save him from being imprisoned.

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