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8 de cada 10/Eight Out of Ten (2018)

1h 48min   |   Mexico |  Drama


Sergio Umansky


Noé HernándezDaniela SchmidtRaúl Briones


Aurelio and Citlali meet at a small hotel in Mexico City in the darkest moment of their lives. He has just buried his son, murdered in broad daylight. She had to leave her daughter with her violent father. Aurelio wants the police to do their job and capture the murderers. Citlali seeks to obtain a document that allows her to recover her daughter. The search for justice soon becomes a desire for revenge. Little by little, love grows between them while a pact is forged: to help the other do justice by his own hand.


2018: Ariel Awards: Best Actor (Noé Hernández)


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