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La Valija de Benavidez/Benavidez's Case (2016)

1h 20min   |   Argentina   |  Thriller\Fantasy\Comedy


Laura Casabe


Jorge MarraleGuillermo PfeningNorma Aleandro


Benavidez is an art professor, married to a young promise of painting. One night they discuss and he loads his suitcase and goes out to seek asylum at his psychiatrist's house, also an art collector.

The next day he discovers the secret hidden in that place: it´s actually a residence for artists who participate in a treatment designed to expand their creative spectrum.

Benavidez will want to return home but it will no longer be possible, The Dr. has other plans for him. Trapped in the house, he will be subjected to the treatment and in the attempt to escape, he will visit different rooms and in them the story of his life, the relationship with his father and his wife, everything leading to a revelation that changes his destiny .

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